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How You Can Help

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As a member, you will be doing your part to safeguard the books, musical recordings, photographs and films, maps, portraits and diaries, government documents and records and many other sorts of items that show the culture and history of Canada, from its very beginnings right up to the present.

You will also be helping to acquire such items for Canada's public collection if and when they come up for sale in private markets. You will be supporting efforts to make these items accessible to all Canadians and others around the globe who want to hear, see or study them.


As an avid lover of books and Canadian history, perhaps you would like to donate to one of our programs:

Our organization and our members appreciate your support!


As well as being a member of the Friends of Library and Archives Canada, you can take a more active role by volunteering. The Friends organize a variety of events throughout the year to publicize the work of Library and Archives Canada and to raise funds to support this work.


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