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How Do Acquisitions Happen?

The focus for acquisitions, of course, is on rare and significant items about Canada or Canadians or items created or produced in Canada. The process begins with a meeting, approximately every year, of a small group of knowledgeable Friends to consider possible purchases for donation to LAC (Library Archives Canada). They meet with expert librarians and archivists from LAC who are aware of what items are currently available or being offered for sale and appreciate how such items might fit into one or more of the LAC collections (Rare Books, Maps, ...).

An important consideration for both the Friends and the LAC experts is the significance of the item to Canadian culture or history. Whether an item will help to fill a gap in LAC holdings is also important. A rare Canadian first edition will always be important to LAC librarians and LAC archivists will yearn for a previously unknown album of World War I photographs or a long forgotten movie poster.

Funds are always scarce and it is often difficult to make a choice, knowing that buying one rare item will mean letting another slip away. Once the decision is made, however, the Friends are elated and members are always eager for the announcement of the purchase or purchases at the Annual General Meeting.

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