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About Us

The Organization

The Friends of Library and Archives Canada was formed in May 2003, combining what had been until then two separate organizations, the Friends of the National Archives of Canada (1995) and the Friends of the National Library of Canada (1991). The new Friends organization was created in anticipation of the integration of the National Archives and the National Library into a single organization. This change occurred in May 2004 with the proclamation of the Library and Archives of Canada Act.

At its inaugural meeting on June 4, 2003, the Friends of Library and Archives Canada adopted a constitution which set out the following aims and objectives:

  • to promote and encourage public awareness of, interest in and protection for the work of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in fulfilling its role as a preserver of the documentary heritage of Canada;
  • to provide interested persons and organizations with the opportunity to share in the programs and activities of LAC;
  • to attract donated collections of published Canadiana and archival material as gifts to LAC; and
  • to generate revenues, raise funds and organize fundraising events in support of a variety of LAC endeavours, including special acquisitions.

Board of Directors

Marianne Scott


Dr. Marianne Scott

Vice President
Mrs. Kathleen Shaw
Mrs. Susan Jackson
Ms. Grace Hyam
Past President
Mr. Ron Cohen

Board Members
Mme Peggy Atherton
Mme Hélène Cayer
Mr Derek Ellis
Mme Lise Lambert
Mme Carrol Lunau
Mr. Donald Meakin
Ms. Wanda Noel

Ex-officio Board Members

Librarian and Archivist of Canada
Dr. Leslie Weir


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