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The Sherbrooke Collection

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and the Canadian Museum of History have acquired the Sherbrooke Collection, the largest and most complete collection of War of 1812 documentation ever, which has been in the Sherbrooke family exclusively for the last 200 years.

The collection of books, maps, manuscripts and images from the War of 1812 era once belonged to Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, former Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia and Governor General of British North America.

All of the material acquired is original documentary heritage. It includes approximately 80 manuscript and printed maps, 37 letterbooks, original correspondence, one portrait and other unique artifacts.

The collection is a remarkable record of the political, economic, and military geography of the region of the Northeast, ranging from the disputed boundaries of Lower Canada, New Brunswick and Maine, to military operations in wartime.

Sir John Coape Sherbrooke was a British army officer and colonial administrator who served as Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia from 1811 to 1816 and as Governor General of British North America from 1816 to 1818. Through his various activities as both a statesman and as a military leader during the War of 1812, Sherbrooke had a profound influence on the formation of Canada during the pre-Confederation period.

This acquisition was made possible through a partnership between Library and Archives Canada and the future Canadian Museum of History, and with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Friends of Library and Archives Canada.


Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is now home to the first edition of the King James Version of the Bible to be printed in Canada.

Printer John Henry White published this two-volume edition in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in 1832 or 1833. At the time, it was illegal to print the King James Version of the Bible in Canada. The King James Version takes its name from the fact that its text is the English translation of the Bible commissioned in 1604 by King James I of England. The translation is considered Crown property; therefore, only the Crown can give permission to print it. However the rights of the British Crown were not well-respected in the United States. In 1776 American printers began to print their own editions of the King James Bible after the American Revolutionary War. J.H. White was born in England, but he passed through the United States before settling in Canada and it is possible that he purchased the stereotype printing plates he used to print his Bible while living in Boston. He may not have been aware that he was breaking the law with his Canadian Bible project, and there is no record to suggest that he faced any repercussions for the undertaking.

Whiteís Bible was not a great success and few copies are known to have survived. Two have made their way to American collections; in Canada, five copies can be found in library and archival collections in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, but LACís is the only copy outside the Maritimes.

LAC acquired this copy in December 2012 as a gift from the Friends of LAC. The Bible is now housed in LACís Rare Book Collection along with the rest of its rich holdings of pre-Confederation published Canadiana.


James Cook (1728-1779)

james cook Follow this link for more detailed images
A Chart of the Sea-Coast of Newfoundland Between St. Laurence & Point May. 1765. Manuscript map, ink and watercolour, coloured.

The Friends of Library and Archives Canada made a second significant donation in 2008-09 to assist in the purchase by Library and Archives Canada of a 1765 manuscript map by James Cook (1728-1779) of the south coast of Newfoundland between Little St. Lawrence Bay and the Bay d'Espoir, opposite the French islands of Saint Pierre et Miquelon.

James Cook is most famous for his voyages in the South Pacific but he began his career as a surveyor in North America, from 1758 to 1765, during the time of the Seven Years War. James Cook was present at the surrender of the French fort at Louisbourg in 1758 and at the fall of Quebec in 1759. After the war, in order to uphold British sovereignty in Newfoundland and to support the English competitive position in the vital cod fishing industry, Cook produced the first reliable large scale map of the coast and harbours of Newfoundland. The printed maps that were produced from Cook's Newfoundland survey were still used by seamen over a century after their publication.

Printed maps by James Cook are quite common in collections in Canada and elsewhere. Manuscript maps, however, are very scarce. There are no manuscript maps of Cook's Newfoundland survey in any other collection in Canada.


Peter Winkworth Collection - 2008 Acquisition

peter winkworthAn Indian removing in the summer with his wife and family

This delightful image of an early 19th century Indian family moving house for the summer is part of a major acquisition in 2008 by Library and Archives Canada of artworks and maps found in the Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana. The Friends of Library and Archives Canada has recently made a sizable contribution of funds to support this acquisition.

The Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana is a treasure of paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, maps and other documents of incomparable beauty and breadth, depicting landscapes in every part of Canada and scenes of almost every aspect of life in Canada over four centuries. Peter Winkworth (1929 - 2005) was the scion of a British and Canadian family who became an expert, dedicated and persistent collector of Canadiana over more than 50 years. The 2008 acquisition by LAC, combined with an earlier acquisition by LAC of Peter Winkworth items in 2002, is a unique holding that will provide invaluable scope for students of Canadian art and history for years to come.

The artist of the above watercolour, Peter Rindisbacher, was born in Bern, Switzerland, in 1806. He was fifteen years old when he immigrated with his family to Red River Territory (present day Manitoba) in 1821 as part of an effort by Lord Selkirk to settle the region. Rindisbacher produced a series of watercolours documenting the voyage to Rupert's Land and life in the colony. He became well known as an artist in Red River and received requests for copies of his works from settlers, Hudson's Bay Company officials and successive governors of the Red River Colony.

In 1996, the Friends made available funds for the purchase of a single item from the Winkworth Collection: an 1812 Circus Poster entitled Mrs. Redon's Benefit, which may be viewed on the Acquisitions page of this web site.

For more information on the Winkworth Collection, go to


Michel Picard collection of rare Berliner 78 rpm recordings

90 early 78 rpm recordings manufactured by the Berliner Gramophone Company of Montreal. This acquisition in the area of recorded sound is a first for the Friends.

These extremely rare early recordings of various Canadian singers and songwriters on Canadian record labels were collected by Michel Picard. Based in Montreal, Mr. Picard is a major Quebec collector of all types of recordings. M. Picard travels throughout Quebec on scouting trips and for the last ten years has worked with the LAC music curators to complete and enhance the recorded sound collection through sales and gifts. This grouping of 90 records is part of a much larger collection that he is offering to LAC, consisting of 23,000 early Canadian 78 rpm recordings, dating from 1901-02. Of the 90 records purchased by the Friends, 36 had previously been totally unknown to LAC curators. The curators had been aware of another 29 titles but copies had never before been found to add to the collection.

Types of music on the 78 rpm records include English and French popular music, hymns and humorous songs and recitations. Among the musicians featured on the recordings is Henry Burr, a tenor from New Brunswick who recorded over 12,000 records from the early 1900s to the late 1920s. Henry Burr - Biographies - The Virtual Gramophone Another star of the Berliner recordings was Joseph Saucier, a baritone from Montreal who was possibly the first French Canadian artist to make a recording in Canada. An avenue in Montreal is named for Joseph Saucier. Joseph Saucier - Biographies - The Virtual Gramophone

As funds become available, all of the recordings collected by M. Picard will be added to the LAC Virtual Gramophone web site: Introduction - The Virtual Gramophone


Reverend Thomas Kerrich (1747 - 1828) - Portrait of Bishop Jacob Mountain, 1776

Reverend Thomas Kerrick was born in Cambridge, England and was known as a antiquary and collector. He made drawings for Richard Gough's Sepulchral Monuments (1786-1796) and he bequeathed his fine collection of portrait drawings to the Society of Antiquaries. His portrait drawings, of which a large collection was sold at Sothebys in 2000, show that he was particularly interested in capturing the distinctive character of his sitters.

Jacob Mountain was born in Norfolk in 1749. He was ordained priest....and became a key figure in Canadian religious and political history. Appointed in 1793, he was the first Anglican bishop of Quebec and thus the founder of the Church of England in Canada. He was also a poet and classical scholar, publishing his only book of poems, Poetical Reveries in 1777.



Agatha Christie (1890 - 1976) - The Mysterious Affair at Styles

The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Toronto: The Ryerson Press / New York: John Lane Company / London: John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1920). First Canadian edition in its original dust jacket. This was Agatha Christie's first book and saw the introduction of Hercule Poirot, to this day one of the genre's foremost detectives. The book was produced in Canada from sheets of the US edition (integral title leaf) and preceded the UK edition, not published until 1921. The Mysterious Affair at Styles is one of the most important crime novels ever published. As well as introducing Hercule Poirot, it launched the career of Agatha Christie as "the Queen of Crime", the best known and best selling crime fiction writer of the 20th century. This Canadian edition is far rarer than either the US or UK editions.



Emily Carr (1871-1945) - Self-portrait, ca. 1899

charcoal on paper, circa 1899; on verso inscribed self-portrait of Emily Carr, age 28
20 3/4 x 15 1/2 in, 52.7 x 39.4 cm

Provenance: Elizabeth Loren (great-niece of Emily Carr)
Exposition Galleries, Vancouver
Private Collection, Vancouver

Purchased by Library and Archives Canada with the assistance of the Friends of Library and Archives Canada.

Born in Victoria, B.C., Emily Carr studied art in San Francisco, London and Paris. The self-portrait was created about 1899 when Emily Carr, then 28, was studying at the Westminster School of Art in London, England.

The announcement of this acquisition in June 2006 attracted media coverage and a degree of controversy. One article in the Ottawa Citizen (June 12, 2006) commented on the bare shoulders of a self-portrait by a reputedly prudish artist. In a second article (June 15, 2006), the Citizen featured a report on differences of view among art scholars about the authenticity of the self-portrait. In response, the Portrait Gallery vigorously defended the purchase, citing the impeccable provenance, technical and stylistic artistic considerations, its extensive consultations with Emily Carr experts and the excellent facial resemblance compared with other, better known representations of Emily Carr. The controversy adds a touch of mystery to this lovely and highly unusual work of art.


Soirée Musicale

Robinson, Mary Jane (Hagerman). "Mrs. John Beverley Robinson's Soirée Musicale in Aid of "The City Industrial Farm." St. Lawrence Hall, Monday, May 5, 1856. Programme. [Toronto: H.I. Gamble and George B. Ware, 1856]

Original calligraphic manuscript in a full brown moracco binding. This commemorative manuscript souvenir was presented to Mrs. John Beverley Robinson by the Stewards of the concert as a token of their appreciation for her efforts in organizing the benefit as well as participating as the "leading lady of song" in the event. Other documents are included. The manuscript is signed on the last leaf by G.B. Ware, the calligrapher.


Paul Le Jeune (1591-1664)

Relation de ce qvi s'est passé en la Novvelle France, en l'année 1634 : enuoyée au R. Père provincial de la Compagnie de Iesvs en la prouince de France.
Par le p. Paul le Ieune de la mesme compagnie, superieur de la résidence de Kebec. A Paris: Chez Sébastien Cramoisy..., 1635. [4], 342, [2] p.

First edition of the third Relation. The National Library now holds 35 of the 41 Relations.

See article by Michel Brisebois, "The Jesuit Relations at the National Library of Canada," National Library of Canada Bulletin, May-June 2001, vol. 33, no.3, p. 4-7.


Anne of Green Gables

Two lithograph posters for the first (silent) 'Anne of Green Gables' film, produced by Realart Pictures in 1919.

Of impressive dimensions, they feature the actress who played Anne, Mary Miles Minter. No copies of the film survive. The posters were found in a small town in Michigan, where they had been for many years hidden under a carpet with other posters!

© Unknown.

Anne of Green Gables and other indicia of "Anne" are trademarks and Canadian official marks of the Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority Inc., located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Used with permission. L.M. Montgomery is a trademark of Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc. Used with permission.

View a larger image. View a larger image.


Emma Albani (Marie Louise Cécile Lajeunesse) (1847-1930)

An early 78-rpm re-issue and an original 78-rpm recording of the great Canadian opera singer.

Gounod's "Ave Maria" (Pathé 50331). Cylinder rec. 1905.
Handel's "Largo" (Pathé 50330). Cylinder rec. 1905.
Bishop's "Home Sweet Home" (Gramophone Concert Record Gc 3505) Orig. 78-rpm, 1904.

Acquired by the Music Division with financial assistance from Friends of the National Library.

View a larger image. View a larger image.



Freeman's Advocate

Freeman's Advocate , vol. 1, no. 1 (September 1838) - vol. 1, no. 26 (March 29, 1839). Lockport, N.Y.: James Mackenzie and John A. Harrison, 1838-1839.

An almost complete run of a rare newspaper dedicated to the cause of Canadian political independence from Britain, published in Lockport, New York, by James Mackenzie (William Lyon Mackenzie's son) and John A. Harrison.
See article by Chris Raible, "Promoting Canadian Independence: The Freeman's Advocate, 1838-1939," National Library of Canada Bulletin, vol. 33, no. 2, March-April 2001, p. 12-14.



Agnes Strickland (1796-1874)

Patriotic songs. Written by Agnes and Susanna Strickland; and composed by J. Green. [London: J. Green, ca. 1830]. 64 p.

This collection of songs by Susanna Moodie and her sister Agnes was published before Susanna married J.W.D. Moodie and moved to Canada. This is the only copy in Canada.


E.W. Bliss

Supplement to the Sacred harmony consisting of a choice selection of hymn tunes, sentences, and anthems, selected from the compositions of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Weber, and others: including the elementary instruction, on the system of Pestalozzi, as adopted by the Boston academy of Music.
Toronto: Published by Anson Green, Conference Office, 1849. xix, [255]-342, [2] p.

First edition of Bliss's Supplement to Alexander Davidson's Sacred Harmony. Only one other copy of this edition is held in Canada (Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library). In the first edition, shaped notation is used, while the second edition (the only copy located being incomplete) has the standard round notation. The Library holds the 1845, 1856 and 1858 editions of Davidson's Sacred Harmony.


Great Britian : Office of American Claims, Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Losses of American Loyalists, 1783-1789.

Sir, as you have neglected to follow the directions contained in a notice formerly published at Quebec by order of the Commissioners, I am directed by them to require that you send a deposition taken before a justice of the peace, stating the reasons which prevented your lodging your claim in England... and you are required to state particularly the place, or places, in which you resided, from the 15th July 1783, to the 25th of March 1784...
[Montreal: F. Mesplet, 1787]. 1 folded sheet.

Circular letter concerning Loyalists' claims. Signed at end: Peter Hunter, sec. Rare Canadian imprint not recorded in bibliographies. Printed by the first printer in Montreal, Fleury Mesplet (1734-1794).


Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)

[Poems]. [S.1.: s.n., 190-]. 29 leaves.

Thirty-two poems on 29 leaves, most of which are printed on one side only. This slim pamphlet was possibly type-set upon the author's instructions, and probably given by her to a very limited number of friends around Christmas 1903. This is one of only two known copies. This rare work is a valuable addition to the Library's holdings of the writings of Lucy Maud Montgomery, which were further enhanced by the gift of some 300 of her works by Ronald Cohen, a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the National Library.


Robert Michael Ballantyne (1825-1894)

The gorilla hunters: a tale of the wilds of Africa.
By R.M. Ballantyne. London: T. Nelson, 1861. 422 p.

First edition of one of the numerous books for young people by Ballantyne, many of which are held by the Library.


Louis XIV, King of France (1643-1715)

Lovis par la grace de diev roy de France & de Nauarre, à tous presens & auenir, salvt: estans bien informez & asseurez de la loüable & recommendable affection peine & diligence que nostre cher & bien aymé Charles de Sainct Estienne Cheualier sieur de la Tour, qui estoit cy-deuant institué & estably par le feu roy de tres-heureuse memoire, nostre tres-honoré seigneur & père que Dieu absolue, gouuerneur & nostre lieutena[n]t general au pays & coste de Laccadie en la Nouuelle France.
[Paris: s.n., 1651].


After the death of his predecessor, Charles de Menou D'Aulnay (1604-1650), with whom he had many conflicts over the years, Charles Saint-Etienne de La Tour (1593-1666) is named governor of Acadia. These letters-patent confirm his nomination.


Susanna Moodie (1803-1885)

Something more about the soldier's orphan, or The further adventures of Hugh Latimer.
By Susannah Strickland. London: Dean and Son, [ca. 1855], p. [71]-142.

This work was published within the series "Tales of goodness, truth and kindness for the children of England." No other copies are held in Canada.


Gerrit de Veer (fl. 1600)

View a larger image. View a larger image.

Tre navigationi fatte dagli Olandesi, e Zelandesi al settentrione nella Norvegia, Moscovia, e Tartaria verso il Catai, e regno de'Sini: doue scopersero il mare di Veygatz, la Nvova Zembla, et vn paese nell'ottantesimo grado creduto la Groenlandia. Descritte in latino da Gerardo di Vera, e nuouamente da Giouan Giunio Parisio tradotte nella lingua italiana. In Venetia: Presso Ieronimo Porro & Compagni
1599. [4], 79 leaves.

First Italian edition, translated from the Latin edition of 1598, which followed shortly after the original Dutch edition of the same year. The work is an account of the three voyages (1594, 1595, 1596-97) undertaken by Dutch navigators, piloted by Willem Barendzs (ca. 1550-1597), with a view to the discovery of a northeast passage to Asia. Included is a description of the harrowing winter passed by the crew of one of the ships in the Russian Arctic regions in 1596-97.

The Library also holds the first French edition, 1609, and an abridged Dutch edition of 1648. All editions are noted for their fine copperplate engravings depicting the crews in their struggles with the Arctic environment, encounters with polar bears, etc.


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

The Goldberg Variations.
Edited for the harpsichord, or piano by Ralph Kirkpatrick. New York, London: G. Schirmer, 1938. 83 p.

Piano score, annotated by Glenn Gould. Excerpts from The Goldberg Variations, played by Gould, were used in the sound track of Kurt Vonnegut's film Slaughterhouse-Five.


"Exchange Rooms"

Exchange Rooms, Manchester: the public are respectfully informed, that the proprietor of the exhibition of the Esquimaux Indians, has liberally offered one day's receipts towards furthering the missionary cause among that uncivilized people: for the benefit of the Moravian missions, established in Labrador, among the Esquimaux, at their three settlements, Hopedale, Nain, and Okak, on Monday next, January 19th, 1824: the only two Esquimaux Indians, male and female, from Baffin's Bay, North Pole, ever brought to England, from the frozen regions of the North (where Capt. Parry has lately been making discoveries)
(Manchester): H. Smith, (1824).


On the verso is printed a list, in 2 columns, headed "Catalogue of the museum, of natural and artificial curiosities, which accompany the exhibition of the Esquimaux Indians."


Paul Ragueneau (1608-1680)

Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable aux missions des PP. de la Compagnie de Iesvs en la Novvelle France, és années 1657 et 1658.
A Paris: chez Sébastien Cramoisy..., 1659. [8], 136 p.

Published annually from 1633 to 1673, covering the years 1632 to 1672, these "annual reports" were sent by the Jesuit mission superior for New France to the Jesuit's procurator in Paris, and printed there. They are, of course, an important published source for the history of Canada in the 17th century.

See two articles by Joyce Banks: "Ad majorem Dei gloriam: the Jesuit Relations," National Library News, October 1986, vol. 18, no. 10, p. 9-11.

"Jesuit Relations Held by the National Library of Canada: 1990 Update," National Library News, May 1991, vol. 23, no. 5, p. 11.


Circus Poster

Mrs. Redon's Benefit.
[Montreal: H.H. Cunningham, 1812].

Circus broadside, printed in red and black. It advertises a circus led by Cayetano Mariotini (part of a larger American troupe run by Pépin and Breschard). This broadside concerns the March 12, 1812, evening performance in Montreal. It is noted that "Tickets to be had at Messrs. Cunningham & Co's book-store, and the circus offices." Probably the earliest known Canadian circus broadside.

See article by Michel Brisebois, "An 1812 Montreal Circus Broadside." National Library News, October-November 1996, vol. 28, no. 10-11, p. 6.

This poster was exhibited in 2006 as part of the Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana - Early Impressions of Quebec.



Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946)

Prikliucheniia shchenka.
By Ernest Thompson Seton. Moskva: I. Knebel, 1916. 15 p.

Pre-revolutionary, 1916 Russian translation of Chink, a woolly coated Little Dog, one of the many animal stories by the noted Canadian naturalist and artist.


Jeremy Belknap (1744 - 1798)

The foresters, an American tale: being a sequel to the history of John Bull the clothier: in a series of letters to a friend.
Printed at Boston: By I. Thomas and E.T. Andrews., 1792. 216 p.

In this humorous historical allegory, Belknap, a New England Congregational clergyman, describes the origins and rise of the British colonies in America and the events of the American Revolution. This is the first edition, published by the noted Boston printer Isaiah Thomas.


Great Britain

An act giving licence for transporting fish in foreign bottoms: at the Parliament begun at Westminster the 17th day of September, anno domini
1656. London: Printed by Henry Hills and John Field., 1657. 4 p.

This act sets out the customs duty payable on fish purchased or transported out of the British Isles, but exempts from these taxes fish brought or transported out of Newfoundland and New England.


Great Britain

An act for the encouragement of the trade to America.
[London: J. Baskett, 1708], p. 463-472.

Passed during the reign of Queen Anne, this act concerns privateering as relating to trade in the Americas.


John Hayes Canadian Sheet Music Collection

A total of 131 pieces of Canadian sheet music published between 1880 and 1895.

John Hayes, who died in 1993, was a producer at the Stratford (Ontario) Festival, and a noted book collector.

View a larger image. View a larger image.


Pehr Kalm (1716 - 1779)

Beskrifning hurn socker göres uti Norra America af åtskilliga slags trän.
Af Pehr Kalm. [Stockholm: s.n., 1751], p. 143-159.

This extract from an unidentified publication, probably a Swedish scientific journal, deals with the trees and plants of the United States and Canada, including maple, birch and hickory trees. The noted Swedish naturalist travelled in North America from 1748 to 1751; in 1749, he visited Canada. The National Library holds various editions and translations of his travel account En Resa til Norra America, which was first published in Stockholm, 1753-1761.


Maria Chapdelaine

Cent peintres rendent hommage à Maria Chapdelaine.
[Compiled by] Clément Fortin. Alma, Quebec: Editions C.F., 1985. 231 p.

© Nicole Billard. Reproduced with the permission of Nicole Billard.
© Canada Post Corporation, (1975). Reproduced with permission.

© Clarence Gagnon. Reproduced with the permission of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

The volume contains reproductions of the work of 100 artists who responded to the request to contribute an original painting on a theme taken from Louis Hemon's novel Maria Chapdelaine. The artworks were executed on first-day cover envelopes bearing a stamp issued on May 15, 1975, which shows one of Clarence Gagnon's illustrations from the novel. Quebec binder Nicole Billard created the one-of-a-kind binding using colourful leather inlays to create a landscape, her work aiming to produce as much a tactile as a visual pleasure through the different textures of fine leathers.


John Dee (1527 - 1608)

View a larger image. View a larger image.

General and rare memorials pertayning to the perfect arte of navigation: annexed to the paradoxal cumpas, in playne: now first published 24 yeres, after the first inuention thereof.

Printed at London:
By John Daye, anno 1577. [26], 80, [2] p.

First edition of one of the numerous works by John Dee, the learned Elizabethan philosopher, mathematician, geographer, astronomer, astrologer and even alchemist. Occasional consultant to Queen Elizabeth (and other European royalty) on medical, astronomical and geographical questions, Dee advised the Queen on the title to her North American lands, and was consulted by Frobisher and Gilbert before their overseas ventures. This is a presentation copy to Edward Dyer, the courtier who recommended the work to the Queen. Dyer is said to have paid for its printing by the important London printer John Daye.

Acquired with the assistance of the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board.


Wendy Simon

The Fable of the Bees.
[Montreal: W. Simon], 1992. Portfolio.

A unique work of 13 leaves in a portfolio by Wendy Simon, inspired by the Fable of the Bees; or, Private vices, Publick Benefits (1714-28), by Bernard de Mandeville (1670-1733). The artwork is produced by using various techniques in combination: etching, lithography, embossing and pencil drawing.


Joseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres (1722 - 1824)

View a larger image. View a larger image.

A statement submitted by Lieutenant Colonel Des Barres, for consideration: respecting his services, from the year 1755, to the present time, in the capacity of an officer and engineer during the war of 1756: the utility of his surveys and publications of the coasts and harbours of North America, intituled, The Atlantic Neptune: and his proceedings and conduct as lieutenant governor and commander in chief of His Majesty's colony of Cape Breton.

[London: s.n., 1796]. 2, ix, [1], 90, [10] p.

The Statement concerns the request for compensation for considerable personal expenditures incurred by Des Barres while in the employ of the British Admiralty in a major survey and charting of the coasts of eastern North America, 1764-1774. The work was published as The Atlantic Neptune. [London, 1774-1784] and became the standard guide for navigation for the areas charted.

Acquired with assistance from the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board.

See article by Joyce Banks, "National Library Acquires Important Rare Book," National Library News, January 1992, vol. 24, no. 1, p. 1-2.



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